Bitcoin Cash Merchant Adoption

We are signing up stores in Caracas, Maracaibo and the rest of Venezuela. Why should you accept Bitcoin Cash?

  • Credit card processing machines are very expensive and hard to find.
  • Credit card processing fees are high - around 6%.
  • The Venezuelan bolivar is a decimated, hyperinflationary currency.
  • No need for a bank account.
  • Transactions are instant and cost less than 1 cent.

Bitcoin Cash is faster and cheaper monetary exchange for merchants providing any service or goods. It's great for day-to-day commerce and for remittance payments all around the world. You can learn more about Bitcoin Cash here.

Store owners in Caracas proudly accepting Bitcoin Cash

Where can I spend Bitcoin Cash is Venezuela?

There are many merchants that accept Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela. Use the map to find merchant locations near you. Download the Wallet and start accepting Bitcoin Cash today! Merchants map brought to you by Marco Coino. If you want to get your business added to the map, contact us and let us know.

Merchants that want to be added to the map
visit Marco Coino for details!
Marco Coino

Get Involved, Make An Impact

Donate to the merchant adoption campaign in Venezuela. has sponsored meetups, conferences, and now on the ground donations for merchant adoption in Venezuela. If you make a donation, will use 100% of the funds to help increase adoption of Bitcoin Cash in Venezuela. Merchant signups, education on how to use Bitcoin Cash for commerce, remittance payments and more. Send Bitcoin Cash to the address below.


Donate to EatBCH and help feed Venezuelans. Led by Jose a fearless young leader, he takes bitcoin cash donations from abroad and coordinates the purchases of ingredients to serve meals to people in 6 different states of Venezuela. As of February 2019, over 50,000 meals served! If you’d like to know more about Jose’s project, check out his interview on the Humans of Bitcoin podcast. Donate directly to Jose’s cause at the BCH address below.


We need your help

If you want to help and collobrate with us, or if you're from the press and want to reach us for more information, contact us to get in touch.